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it all started when our love for food was at the highest

StarLite Restaurant serves you one of the best authentic Goan food! One of the authentic Multicuisine Family Restaurant and Bar in Goa that offers a treat for your taste-buds to their fullest. One amongst peaceful place with serene ambience where one can have a total Goan experience.

"People Who Love To Eat Are Always The Best"

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Our Starlite Restaurant

Starlite is a Multicuisine Family Restaurant – A Place to go for all Goan foodies .A break in Goa can be much more than just a holiday on beautiful beaches.Do visit our Goan restaurant located in Carmona Goa for the Goan feel.

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Wildlife Sanctuaries in Goa

Most visitors to Goa are content to laze around on the state’s beautiful white gold beaches, or perhaps swim in the pool and sea and work up a nice tan. However, Goa is more than the sum of its beaches. Some of the most fascinating places are the wildlife sanctuaries with which the state abounds. […]

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Temples in Goa

Despite the Portuguese influence that dominated Goa over the centuries, it is fascinating to see how such a large number of Hindu temples have survived here. Uprooted from place to place, the presiding deities were preserved and worshipped, at times, even in the houses of pujaris (priests), till they were ultimately ensconced in their present-day […]

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Churches in Goa

A visit to Goa is incomplete without seeing the beautiful churches here. Goa’s tryst with history is unmistakable. The famous churches in Goa stand testimony to the grand past of the fun capital of India. These architectural marvels came into being during the Portuguese regime in Goa that spanned across several centuries. The distinct influence […]

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Waterfalls in Goa

Let us traverse around some best waterfalls in Goa! The majesty and grace of a waterfall is a sight that we never tire of seeing.As the water plummets down it looks like foamy milk, giving the waterfall its name.

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Beaches in Goa

Goa boasts of some incredibly scenic beaches that offer everything from parties to adventure, solitude to sunbathing. Replete with swaying palms, food shacks, flea markets, water sports and nightlife the Goa beaches make for a perfect holiday.

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Snorkelling in Goa

Going to Goa and not indulging in water sports is like having a plate of cake and not eating it! Snorkelling involves the practice of swimming underwater with face down using a snorkel i.e. a diving mask and a tube for breathing. Snorkelling in the state of Goa is a relatively lesser known activity that […]

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Parasailing in Goa

How would you like the world of sun and sand to go by you in a blur as you fly like a bird above it? Sounds impossible, somewhere else, it may be; but in Goa it’s possible. You can indulge in a gorgeous experience of parasailing across the Goan landscape! See the waves whoosh by […]

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White Water River Rafting in Goa

White Water Rafting in Goa gives a whole new perspective to the phrase Watersports Goa. Southern River Adventures, founded by John Pollard invite you to take a rafting trip into the beautiful unknown wilderness areas of the State.

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Scuba Diving at Grande Island in Goa

Scuba diving should definitely be on everyone’s bucket list. The flora and fauna under the sea has a lot of wonders to offer those who seek it. Scuba dive in Goa and discover the mystery behind the pristine waters. The scuba dive packages that Atlantis Watersports offer are complete and easily accessible.

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For the true foodie, StarLite Restaurant is more than just a Sea food Restaurant in goa – it is an experience. A wholesome, satisfying and elevating experience. Our expert chefs challenge themselves in creating better, tastier and more appetizing food. Welcome to StarLite Restaurant , where you can discover more than just our cuisine!


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